Worksite Benefits


A great way to enhance and strengthen an overall benefits package is to offer voluntary, worksite plans to your employees at no cost to the company through simple payroll deduction. You can even save money when these plans are “pre taxed” from an employee’s check.

Because of how useful and popular these plans have become, we now have a worksite specialist on our team, Danny Riehm. He can show you just how simple it is to implement these plans for your employees or analyze your current voluntary offerings to ensure that they are the best available in the market. Our goal is to give you and your valuable employees the absolute best plans, rates and underwriting offers available.


  • CANCER – Annual wellness benefit, initial diagnosis, pays throughout treatments and also covers 29 specified diseases in addition to cancer.
  • CRITICAL ILLNESS – Lump sum benefit for heart attack, stroke, coronary by-pass surgery, organ transplant, kidney failure, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, benign brain tumor, coma and more.
  • ACCIDENT – On and Off or Off job coverage. Benefits are paid during treatments for accidental injuries.
  • HOSPITAL INDEMNITY/GAP – Helps offset out of pocket exposure with major medical coverage such as deductibles, max out of pocket and more.
  • DISABILITY – Designed to protect an employee’s income if unable to work due to illness, injury, surgery or pregnancy.
  • LIFE INSURANCE – Universal (Cash Value) and Term Life available.

These plans pay benefits directly to the employee and also contain annual wellness incentives which contribute to overall group health.

If interested in learning more, we would love to visit with you!