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Save time and resources while ensuring your firm stays in compliance with this easy-to-use web-based tool.

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While running your organization, you come across tough HR business issues. HR Navigator helps managers in small and mid-sized private-sector companies save time and resources while ensuring their firm stays in compliance with a web-based tool that delivers concise HR information and answers.

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This web portal is the place to start when looking for essential information on HR practices, legal compliance, employment issues, and policy matters. Along with concise summaries of federal employment laws and at-a-glance state comparison charts, you can find practical pointers, model policies, and supporting HR forms that make it easier to put information into practice.

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HR Navigator is powered by BNA®. Since 1929, over 125,000 professionals across industries have been relying on the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) for the market’s most accurate, most current, most comprehensive HR policies, forms, laws and procedures.

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