Web-based HR Administrator

Gain Access to Market-Leading HR Administration Solutions That Can Control Benefits Costs, Improve Employee Retention, And Maximize Your HR And Employee Benefits Investment.

Increasing administrative workloads, rising benefit costs, and a mounting need to focus on strategic activities, HR professionals are searching for innovative ways to do more with less while constantly moving your organization forward. We can help you cope with your unique challenges through purchased or leased software that streamlines in-house business process automation by helping you outsource your administrative problems.

We will help you leveraging technology solutions to streamline human resources & benefits processes:
• Rapid Deployment and ROI
• Improve Employee Retention and Communications
• Reduce Risk And Instantly Gain Confidence
• Your Self-Service Source for Managing Critical Data
• Stay Compliant
• Save Resources

Our Approach Is Unique

Companies have very different requirements when it comes to features, functionality, implementation support and price. We believe no one HR administration system vendor fits the needs of all companies.  That is why we provide our clients access to a long-list of best-of-breed vendors. These vendors have a proven record of successful matching up client need with delivery and achieving an outstanding return on investment.

If you or your client’s company is small or large, is simple or complex, Hartwig Moss Benefits can deliver the right solution to improve employee communications, reduce your administrative burden and gain easier access to critical data.

We deliver access to a broad portfolio of HR administration solutions. In addition, if that portfolio does not match perfectly with your needs, we can consult on your behalf to find the ideal match with your requirements. Hartwig Moss Benefits can deliver technology to solve any of your HR & Benefit challenges.

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