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More Effectively Communicate the Total Cost of Benefits

Save time and resources while ensuring your firm stays in compliance with this easy-to-use web-based tool.

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Our benefit statement management software delivers detailed employer and employee benefits costs and contributions. The graphically appealing representations of costs and benefits provides and easy-to-read, effective presentation that increases employee communications and relations.

Enhance Employee Communications and Relations

Unfortunately, most employees do not fully understand the cost of their benefits. With benefit costs continuing to surge higher year after year, it is critical for employers to communicate properly the cost of the benefits they are providing their employees. Personalized benefit statements show your employees exactly what they are worth to you.

Easy Set-up and Attractive Presentation

Each statement is individually personalized. You can add a personalized text message from the Company President or HR Staff. Then Benefit Statement manager creates two-page, professional, personalized benefit statements that is clear and concise with pie charts and tables that display all benefits and their costs.

Communicate Value Clearly

There is no easier and more effective way to show your employees that they mean more to your company than just a salary number. Moreover, positive employee communications relations are something you just can’t do without. You need knowledge about your company, your employees and the marketplace to create a successful employee benefits plan. The needs of your employees must remain in balance with the financial requirements of your company. Higher turnover rates or wasted financial resources can be costly, but if you have a constant and trusted source of benchmark data to help you determine the level of benefits that other employers are offering, you can get, and keep your valuable assets…your employees.

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