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Solving HR & Benefits Technology Problems:

Through strategic relationships, we can leverage the right technology, if necessary, to solve those problems.

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The Benefits and HR technology market is rapidly changing with new and emerging technologies hitting the markets every day. We pride ourselves in keeping current with the latest technologies available in the HR and Benefits arena. We will consult with you to identify new technologies that are available to improve business processes.

Through strategic relationships, we can leverage the right technology, if necessary, to solve those problems.

Benefits Communication Audio/Video – via Web-With high-speed Internet Access more readily available it has become easier to deliver audio and video via the web. An overview of an employee’s benefit options with plan specific information and costs can be recorded and branded around the employer then delivered via the web. This information can then be available to remote office locations and spouses at home.

Benefits Communication Portal – By utilizing the Internet to post benefits information, applicable forms, phone numbers, links to insurance company websites, and more you can reduce the number of calls to HR while giving employees 24-hour access to information.

Benefits Enrollment via the Web – Employees will be able to view their benefits information and make their benefits elections via the web. The data can be transmitted to insurers electronically or be placed on the insurers’ enrollment forms.

HR Administration – Deliver all the HR and benefits resources employees need in one easily accessible, constantly up-to-date place. Employers can support employee self-service to ease the workload of HR staff and enhance efficiency, accuracy, and employee relations. Employers have access to a central clearinghouse of critical HR & benefits data, allowing administrators to quickly manage information to ensure employee satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

HR Library and Content – We have contracted the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) to give you access to the latest news, laws, policies, forms, and more to assist you with your HR and Benefit questions. In addition to BNA we will utilize whatever web resources are available to meet your needs.

Total Compensation Statements – Many employees do not understand or appreciate the value of their non-payroll expenses. A Total Compensation Statement provides each employee with a picture of the employer’s total costs of payroll and non-payroll expenses in a single, easy to understand form.

Web-based Surveys – Simple but effective, find out what your employees think about their benefits and other HR issues by asking them.

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