HR Support Service

Extending and Enhancing HR Functions

We know what you’re up against.

In this dynamic and disruptive marketplace, we often see HR departments struggling to stay current with emerging technologies and industry trends. Always on the hunt for better data.  Forever hoping that the next bright new shiny something will be the solution.

You know you need help, but how do you identify the best strategic partners for your company? Benefit Administration Group leverages two decades of experience for clients who need access to leading-edge market expertise and technology solutions.

Whether it’s a simple issue or a highly complex initiative, we work with you to identify the underlying issues at the heart of the problem.  Our process includes

  •       Strategic situation analysis
  •       Technological capabilities assessment
  •       Goals and Requirements
  •       Strategic partner identification
  •       RFP development
  •       Strategic partner selection
  •       System implementation

After system implementation, we stay with you to provide ongoing customer service.

The support you need is always close at hand.