Oct 05 2017

Ready for Healthcare.gov Open Enrollment?

Each year, Marketplace Open Enrollment Notices (MOENs) are sent to all consumers currently enrolled in Marketplace plans. These notices remind consumers about the upcoming Open Enrollment period and provide guidance on how to update personal information and either select a new plan or confirm re-enrollment in their current plan. They also provide direction for groups of consumers who may be at risk for losing the advance premium tax credit (APTC).


  • The first round of MOENs for consumers without financial assistance or who have not authorized the Marketplace to check for updated IRS data was recently generated, posted in consumers’ online HealthCare.gov accounts, and are being mailed to consumers.
  • In October, the next round of MOENs for consumers with financial assistance who have authorized the Marketplace to check for updated IRS data will be mailed to consumers and posted to their HealthCare.gov accounts.

MOENs are not a determination of eligibility but a way to inform consumers about their current status. They also explain why it’s important to update Marketplace application information during Open Enrollment to get accurate eligibility results, to enroll in the right coverage for 2018, and to keep all information up to date.

During Open Enrollment, help returning consumers update their Marketplace application to ensure they select the best coverage for their situation. Updating each returning consumer’s application information will also help ensure you receive compensation for every application.

To review examples of MOENs, visit Marketplace.CMS.gov.