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Client Confidence Comes from Inspired Leadership

Tom Daly

Managing Partner, Benefit Administration Group

Principal, HM Benefits

Tom Daly eats, sleeps and breathes employee benefits.

He knows firsthand what employers want. As former president of the 375-member Society for Human Resource Management, New Orleans Chapter, Tom has a handle on the issues, pressure points and frustrations his clients live with.

With more than 23 years of experience in this business, Tom never stops trying to make it better. The constant changes in the economy and shifts in employee benefits preferences fuel his search for new strategies and solutions to individual and employer needs.

Tom created Benefit Administration Group in 2012 in response to the complexities of health reform and a shifting benefits landscape that challenges human resources professionals to cut costs, not benefits.

He’s marshaled just about every tool and resource imaginable to help clients through the balancing act of managing benefits costs, accommodating PPACA provisions and dealing with employee uncertainty.

It helps that Tom’s handpicked team of consultants are longtime colleagues who provide depth in HR and benefits technology, wellness, flex plan administration, HRIS, advocacy, compliance, enrollment communication and benefits administration.

Today, Benefit Administration Group serves about 100 employer clients and is licensed in almost every state.

“Tom has been an invaluable creative thinker and business partner. He had the vision to build Hartwig

Moss Benefits and lead the organization to its current position as one of the finest employee

benefits operations in the Gulf South. Tom is constantly striving to provide the most cost effective and

cutting edge programs for his clients. I recommend and refer Tom as often as the opportunity arises.”

Robby Moss

President of Hartwig Moss Insurance Agency