Employee Benefits Consulting

“Program design is foundational to every benefit plan. We felt that the process Benefit Administration Group employed was both strategic and straightforward, taking us through every aspect of plan design so that we understood outcomes, employee engagement and what to expect in terms of overall plan performance.”                                                                                                                                                                    

Vice President Human Resources

Working with HR clients on challenging issues requires deep industry and functional expertise. Our four part needs-based discovery process offers unique perspectives and solutions to clients.



Each client relationship begins with a thorough analysis of the current employee benefit plan offering. We look at where benefits dollars are spent and how well expenditures support benefit plan goals.


Once we understand where a client is and where they ultimately want to be, we use a number of powerful tools to customize the benefit plan offering. We build each benefits plan using creative funding techniques specifically designed to align plan benefits with benefit goals.


Without consistent, efficient, ongoing communication, benefits dollars are wasted and unappreciated. We employ cutting edge communication technology to ensure that your benefits message is consistent and coordinated.


We also function as lead advocate, ensuring that client insurance claims and provider bills are processed appropriately. When errors are discovered, we closely monitor and proactively manage actions taken to reach final resolution. With employee benefits, meticulous customer service comes first.