Voluntary Benefits 101: Communication and Process

In the current realm of employee benefits and insurance, many employers are seeking the opportunity to offer additional employee benefits at low or no-cost.  There are so many choices, and it can be difficult to narrow down your options without a guide to help you define a strategy.  As with any other benefits already in place, two aspects are key:  a rigorous process and clear communication.  Here’s the opportunity to attend the first of a series covering voluntary benefits.  VB101 is a one-hour crash course, focusing on the basics of voluntary benefits including:

*What are considered “voluntary” benefits?

*How do you select a portfolio to ensure participation and engagement by your employee workforce?

*What are the costs involved in various options available?

*What does the implementation process look like?

*What happens after open enrollment?

Presentation will be given by Allison Hardin, Worksite Benefit Specialist, with 12 years of experience in client relations, account management, and process development.

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